Sharing the same post on different social media platforms – the rules

Am I right to post the same message on different social media platforms? “I have heard that sharing the same post on different social media platforms actually dilutes your reach-is this true.” A frequently asked question at EMS. The answer is not black and white. It’s important to share messages, news and posts on all […]

Brilliant blogging – getting people to read your blogs

So you’ve been hurriedly writing blogs, after being told it will help increase traffic and engagement to your site and ultimately raise your company’s profile and sales. However, you’re worried that nobody is reading them – why not? Here’s EMS’ top tips on getting people to read your blogs. Getting people to read your blogs […]

Why is a social media content calendar so important

Social media content calendar – your most vital tool So, you run a little cute cat cafe. A customer asks what you are doing for #nationalcatday. Well you had no idea this day even existed and now you’ve missed a chance to promote your business on this very relevant day. That’s why your business needs […]

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