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We’re a Digital
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We’re a Digital Marketing Agency focused on people and culture

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Blue Cactus started in 2017 with one experienced and ambitious marketing creative committed to using the dark arts of audience engagement to make a real difference in this world. The collective that has come together over the years has worked with everyone from kitchen table eco start-ups to local government, developing the skills and processes to embed culture change in organisations and support transformations in services.

Many of the people we work with tell us our intervention has been a game changer in terms of their ambitions and outcomes.

In the meantime, read on to find out more about us…

Founder and Lead Strategist

Clare’s determination to make a difference to people’s lives is at the heart of everything Blue Cactus does. As an MCIM (Member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing), Clare has demonstrated significant knowledge and experience.  She’s worked as an International Editorial Director at a major UK tech publisher and UK MD at a US-based content marketing agency, so it was a natural step when her holistic approach to helping other people’s projects fly sparked the idea for Blue Cactus Digital in 2017.

Clare’s happiest getting under the bonnet of other people’s organisations to see where her skills can help. She’s helped tech leaders, startups and dynamic businesses find their niche and promote their message through multi-channel marketing strategies.

Book a no-obligation call with Clare to find out more about us and take the first step on your next journey.

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Digital Marketing Manager

With many years of commercial marketing experience, Ian knows a thing or two about narrating a compelling journey. When he’s not crafting pristine copy, he’s crunching the marketing numbers like a mathematical wiz-kid. Statistically-minded with a massive creative streak, Ian thrives on diverse and unique projects, giving you a voice to be heard.

In his free time you’ll usually find Ian enjoying an epic hike in the great outdoors, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen (with heaps of chillies, of course).

Get in touch today for a chat, and together we can make the improbable possible.
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Senior Graphic Designer

Marie is a versatile Graphic Designer with nearly 30 years’ experience. She gained her wings in a busy design agency in Germany, before creating work for Decathlon, EG+, the NHS, GSK, Tourettes Action and The Neurological Alliance, among others.

Tight deadlines and multiple tasks are always met with good spirits. She has an excellent eye for detail and finds the most hidden typo.

In her spare time Marie likes to mix design with her passion for music, and help out bands on their quest to rock the world.

Let Marie work her magic and stun you with her creative designs that are always on-point.

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Junior Graphic Designer

Shemari is a talented graphic design graduate. Having had a creative mind since a young age, Shemari’s passion is expressed in her work.

She relishes the fact no two projects are the same, which allows her to work with different medias and utilise complementary skills within the work.

Shemari understands a tailored perspective for each project works best, and with a fantastic eye for composition, she is on standby to take your project to the next level.
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Partnerships Manager

Molly really puts the ‘art’ in partnerships. Our resident representative is dedicated to forging meaningful connections and identifying new opportunities.

After years of experience all around the world, Molly became a member of the Blue Cactus team, in her hometown of Southend-on-Sea. She loves cultivating collaborations that strengthen the local community.

Molly will not rest until she’s asked the right questions, and discovered every detail on your company’s journey, to ensure your story is told.

Get in touch today to find out how we can develop a unique partnership that will help your company blossom and grow.

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rachael nichols

creative director

After spending her childhood glued to a pencil and sketchbook, Rach channelled her passion for creativity into design.

As an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Inventor of Great Ideas, she has a knack for intuitive discoveries and turning them into visual assets, bringing concepts to life. For the past seven years, Rach has worked for a number of award-winning PR, Advertising and Marketing Agency, collaborating with a range of clients from small businesses to international brands.

kiya azzi dawkins

graphic designer

Kiya has always had a creative flare, even going as far as painting artwork on walls… literally! Design was always a key part of her life and she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the design industry. 

Kiya started her journey as a Degree Apprentice at RN Design in 2021 and has thrived in her creative role. She has taken a keen interest in animating and social media content creation. Whilst studying a degree in digital marketing, she is constantly implementing her new knowledge into her day-to-day job.



With 15 years’ experience writing editorial and commercial content for sectors as diverse as hospitality, retail, health, farming, education, marketing agency and social care, Anna has strong instincts for what makes engaging copy.

She’s as comfy finding tight editorial angles for the biggest multinational brands as she is digging into the value proposition of the smallest indie business, and her passion for exploring topics from new perspectives gives her a keen eye for detail that benefits every client.


LinkedIn expert

With 14 years of experience in Recruitment and Senior Business Management, Jo made the decision to retrain in Social Media Management after becoming a mum.

Her previous experience as a Senior Business Manager and knowledge of LinkedIn allow her to use the platform for networking as well as business and community-based projects. She currently works as a freelancer focusing on organic social media campaigns and projects with clients from a variety of industries.


Watch our Startup Training Webinar to get a taster of our training style and the subjects we can cover in our bespoke digital marketing sessions.