Bloom by Blue Cactus, Series 1, Episode 15: Tom Meades from gomi Design

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This week’s episode of Bloom by Blue Cactus is with Tom Meades, Founder of @gomidesign.

Gomi is a sustainable design studio in Brighton, England, that turns non-recyclable plastic waste into tech products. They started out in 2018, transforming unwanted plastic bags and wraps into colourful, marbled Bluetooth speakers.

Tune in to hear:

🌡 How the idea for Gomi came about

🌡 Why they chose crowdfunding as the source of their start-up funding

🌡 Why a failed fundraising campaign isn’t necessarily the end of the road

🌡 The pros and cons of going down the crowdfunding investment route

🌡 Tips for creating a crowdfunding campaign and how to ask for help

🌡 The product launches and brand collaborations in the pipeline for the year ahead.

We loved our chat with Tom and can’t wait to hear what other innovative ideas he has up his sleeve.