Bloom By Blue Cactus, Series 1, Episode 18: Josie Morris From WoolCool

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This week’s episode of Bloom by Blue Cactus is with Josie Morris, MD, @wearewoolcool

This intergenerational family business has transformed how food and pharmaceuticals are transported around the world. All thanks to our woolly friends πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Tune in to hear:

🌡 How a chance project with the @nationaltrust began research into natural polystyrene alternatives to keep food cool in transit

🌡 How switching to natural alternatives may be slightly more expensive per unit but when you factor in the use of fewer ice packs, less water and lighter packages, the cost saving is comparable

🌡 How a mix of self-funding, private investment and grants helped to scale the business

🌡 Tips on how to apply for grants and why you shouldn’t be put off by the process

🌡 How becoming a @bcorpuk has changed their business

🌡 What else they invested in which has proved to be a gamechanger

Not one to miss. You’ll never look at a delivery the same again.