Bloom By Blue Cactus, Series 1, Episode 22: Bianca Rangecroft from Whering

Mon May 17th Podcast Whering


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Our (fashion) prayers have been answered! πŸ™πŸ‘—

Who else is a ‘Clueless’ fan and has drooled over Cher’s outfit-picking wardrobe for the last 3 decades? It’s finally a reality!

In this week’s episode, Clare speaks with Bianca Rangecroft, Founder and CEO of @whering_. Β 

The digital closet, helping you rediscover your wardrobe treasures, as well as, suggesting ethical pieces that compliment what you already own.

We are smitten with the app.

Tune in to hear:

🌡 How Bianca has been sending waves through the fashion industry.  

🌡 How fashion lovers have helped Whering grow enormously since its launch last year. 

🌡 The power of organic social media and word of mouth recommendations

🌡 The barriers faced by female tech founders seeking funding

We are so excited to see how Whering develops! There’s a Cher in all of us just waiting to break free.

Are you as excited as us?