Bloom by Blue Cactus, Series 2, Episode 4: Zane Bermaka, Atlantis Skincare

BCD Oct Podcast Atlantis Skincare


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We spoke to Zane Bermaka, founder of @atlantis.skincare – an all natural skin care brand.

Atlantis focuses on 100% natural skincare products that are handcrafted in the UK. Based around anti-ageing natural health and beauty encouraging people to appreciate our environment and pay attention our surrounding plants as they can teach us a lot.

We talk about:

🌱 How the business was founded
🌱 Developing formulations and marketing
🌱 Experiences learnt from developing Atlantis skincare
🌱 Opportunity to learn online and re-establish as an online marketplace
🌱 Valuable lessons learnt
🌱 Marketing to a global audience
🌱 Researching global markets
🌱 Tips for start ups