Brilliant blogging – getting people to read your blogs

So you’ve been hurriedly writing blogs, after being told it will help increase traffic and engagement to your site and ultimately raise your company’s profile and sales. However, you’re worried that nobody is reading them – why not? Here’s EMS’ top tips on getting people to read your blogs.

Getting people to read your blogs – where to start?

At EMS we advise many of our clients to blog about their business. Almost 85% of organic search results are blog posts. Regular blogging from a company, especially a small business, creates trust among your clients, shows your expertise on the business topic, and is also a way of sharing company news.

Blogging is also essential for boosting SEO and Google ranking. Amongst other factors, it brings fresh content (which search engines love), is a chance to including backlinking, gives an opportunity to use relevant searchable keywords, and means using more images, which all increases the chances of search engines finding you.

There are simple rules you can follow for getting people to read your blogs and engage in previous ones.

Here’s our top tips.

Create catchy content on long-lasting and trending topics

A good tip for getting people to read your blogs is to ensure that you are writing blogs on the topics and questions that the ideal client is constantly asking. This will provide longevity in the blog and ensure higher blog traffic. You don’t want to write on topics that are likely to be out of date and forgotten about.

Keywords keywords keywords

At EMS we always stress the importance of keywords. Include a keyword or phrase in your post that the audience might search for, in relevance to your brand, service, subject matter and location etc. For example, if you are a beauty therapist writing a blog on wedding make-up this season, your keyword phrase may be ‘current best bridal look’ or something similar.
These keywords need to be scattered through the content as well as in the title,
sub-heading and meta data.
You should try not to repeat keywords. Use synonyms and versions of if needs be.

Target long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are those few keyword phrases which are very specific to whatever you are selling to your clients. These need to be researched and chosen carefully, then can be used to increase the chances of getting people to read your blogs.

Linking to lock in engagement

One of the major factors of Google ranking is the number and quality of links used on a website. These links connect to other webpages on your website.
As well as ranking, these links also show that you are on topic and know what you’re talking about.

Promote heavily on social media

And finally, our last tip to get people to read your blogs. Shout it from the rooftops on your social media platforms – ‘we have a new blog out and it’s great.’ Last year it was reported a hefty 83% of the adult population in this country have at least one social media account (including WhatsApp and dating apps.) Surely it’s a no brainer then? Promote the new blog a few times over a few days if you can on your profiles and see the traffic rise.

The most important part about having a blog though, is that it is full of content that will educate people about your business and service.




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