Is Investment Ethical?

So, you have a great business idea or maybe you’ve designed a fabulous product that you can’t wait to get to market. If you, like us, are also committed to making your business as sustainable and ethical as possible you probably have a vision for this, or may even have a purpose beyond profit. Yet, […]

What Does Generation Z Want From The Events And Experience Industry?

As the world begins to open up again and events and experience companies can finally start getting back to business, we look at what generation Z is looking for from the entertainment industry. UK-based PR company, Full Fat, have released an insightful study into generation Z and the experience sector and there are some notable […]

How to Optimise Your E-Commerce Website for Conversions

You probably put a lot of time, effort and maybe even money into getting visitors to your website. Perhaps you’re driving visitors through social media, search engines, your blog or perhaps through email marketing. Yet, when they’re landing on your website, are they getting to the checkout? It’s important for a number of reasons that […]

Three Email Funnels Every E-Commerce Brand Should Have Set Up

Marketing funnels are key to the success of e-commerce brands. Getting your customer all the way from awareness of your product to the purchase stage is not an easy task. Modern life is highly distracting and consumers are overwhelmed with choice. Although it is now very possible for customers to make online purchases within seconds, […]

Choosing a marketing partner: Why aligned values are so important

There are many jobs and responsibilities that companies choose to outsource. Yet, there is something a bit more exciting about outsourcing marketing. Perhaps it’s because you’re bringing someone else into a real position of power over your brand. Certainly, new eyes on your marketing can really change a business. However, this can also make it […]

Is sourcing locally better for ethical businesses?

Ethical Businesses - Shop Local

There’s no doubt that ethical consumerism has become important to the British public in the past few years. In the age of the internet, it is so easy to find and share information. Companies not meeting the ethical standards buyers expect are increasingly being found out and called out. With environmentalism becoming a hot topic, […]


When Facebook was launched to the public, back in 2007, it seemed like world domination was certain, and in many ways, that’s exactly what panned out. In April 2007, Facebook reported 20 million global users and by January 2009, less than two years later, that figure had risen to 150 million. It wasn’t long before […]


Marketing your small business through social media or other channels means that you need to be comfortable with self-promotion. But for most of us, societal norms mean that shouting about how great we, or the services we offer, are doesn’t come naturally, and we’re far more likely to err towards hiding our light under a […]


Well, well, well…what a day. I started this morning feeling a little deflated. I knew I had a call at 2.30 and wanted to join an ads strategy call at 1, but with childcare duties apart from 1-3.30, I highly suspected that was all I’d get done. But after a trip to the Sealife Centre […]


Whether you’re formally working or not this weekend, it’s a great time to plan your week so you can start the week with a bang. Believe it or not there is an orderly way of getting more organised. The three steps to be more productive are: List everything you need to do. Split into three […]