confident tiger

Blue Cactus’ founder Clare Martin set up Confident Tiger when the UK went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During lockdown, her bra broke and she found it increasingly difficult to find a bra that fit her body shape, was flattering, and was made ethically – so she decided to make her own. Clare decided she wanted to explore the world of ethics and sustainability, where she found some BIG gaps in the lingerie market.

As this was a newly established company, it was a great opportunity for Blue Cactus to take the reins and fully bring this fantastic brand to people’s eyes.

What we did:

Firstly, we decided on the branding for Confident Tiger. Clare wanted a signature logo which could be used on her products. We decided on a lightning strike in a signature pink colour, which stands out and represents the brand’s messaging perfectly.

Secondly, the colour choices were crucial for this lingerie brand as we didn’t want something to feminine, as the ethos behind Confident Tiger revolves around inclusivity. We decided on a neutral colour palette of white, black and grey shades, with pops of the signature pink and a mid-shade blue as the secondary colour.

Once the branding was nailed, Blue Cactus changed its focus onto the website design and how shoppers would purchase. After research, we found the best e-commerce platform for this brand was Shopify. Blue Cactus was able to create a fully functioning website, to align with the Confident Tiger branding and ethos. We are currently achieving around 100 page views a fortnight.

We also supplied product photography for the website to suit the branding style.

We thought it was important to create a community feel, as the branding ethos is about feeling inclusive. Therefore, it was decided to create a ‘Secret Society’. This was formed by customers who sign up to the marketing newsletter.

Overall Performance:

Currently, traffic is in the top 3% of stores that launched the same week as Confident Tiger.

It’s clear that people are more likely to sign up for something when there is some form of discount perk for them. After advertising this perk on social media and on the website we have welcomed 4787 active profiles to the Confident Tiger newsletter with an average open rate of 22.7%, click through rate of 8% and conversion rate of 3%.

To increase the awareness of the brand, we started running Facebook Ads. We are currently achieving figures of 21,112 impressions, with a CTR of 10.28%.