Emerging Digital Marketing Trends CMOs Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Ignore

Google tells me it was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said “Change is the only constant in life” and that those who run towards it will win the day. I’m gonna leave that guy a five star review for trend forecasting. CMOs have to be more agile than most when it comes to navigating the shifting sands of consumer behaviour. This is what I’m seeing:

Personalisation is king

AI-driven analytics really are a CMO’s best friend: they allow us to create hyper-targeted content tailored to individual preferences. And, love them or hate them, those chirpy chatbots and AI assistants can be leveraged to foster real-time engagement, leaving your customers with a better experience.

Demand for video content is accelerating 

Short-form videos are now so dominant on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, it’s really worth your while to invest in those grabby visual storytelling strategies. At the other end of the spectrum we’ve noticed live streaming is gaining momentum, giving brands that put the effort in more authentic connections and immediate audience feedback.

Searches have evolved

The rise of voice searches is changing the game; 50% of consumers use voice search but only an estimated 13% of marketing teams are accounting for this shift. Bagging those results via natural language queries is prompting the smartest CMOs to refine their SEO strategies. Make sure you’re moving with that big chunk of business from millennials by making your products/services easier for people to find, however they’re searching.

Meeting the moment

Inclusivity and sustainability have become real focal points, with consumers more and more likely to choose brands that align with their values. If you’re not integrating diversity and eco-consciousness into your messaging, just know that your competitor probably is. A few well-chosen words can really resonate with today’s socially-conscious audiences.

Data regs: a back door to customers’ hearts

As more privileged personal data than ever flows through our hands, GDPR has never been more important. Being seen to prioritise ethical data usage, and foster trust and transparency with consumers, is the best way to win that all-important (and elusive) customer loyalty.

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