Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement

Our company is deeply concerned about the environmental impacts of our business operations, especially in the context of delivering creative projects. We have taken proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing various initiatives.

Firstly, we actively encourage our employees to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily work routines, such as minimising paper usage and promoting digital communication. Secondly, we prioritise sourcing sustainable materials for our physical deliverables and work with eco-conscious partners.

Blue Cactus Digital is a member of the Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce. Each member of our team’s carbon footprint is more than offset, including the whole of our team’s emissions. As a member of the initiative we have planted almost 700 trees, with a total of 612 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided.

Finally, we are a member of Ecologi Zero, a carbon-tracking initiative designed to help businesses and organisations reach net-zero.

We aim to regularly review the Environmental Sustainability Policy and seek to reduce the company’s impact each and every year and are currently developing our plan to meet Net Zero by 2030.

This Document we created: 16/05/2023

This document was last reviewed: 16/05/2023

This document will be reviewed: 16/05/2024

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