How to Increase Engagement on Social

Social media is becoming more and more competitive with an increased focus on digital marketing and social content. This means it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to gain traction on posts. SO here are some tips to help YOU boost your social media engagement.

  1. Know your audience
  2. Engage with your audience
  3. Promote user-generated content 
  4. Use videos 
  5. Track your analytics
  1. Know your audience!

    This is often overlooked when it comes to social media, but it is so important that you know your audience. Creating audience personas can be key to helping you reach the right people on social. Understanding their likes and dislikes, what content do they interact with the most, what is their demographic? All of these are important to understand which content to produce and how to target it
  2. Engage with your audience

It is important to communicate with your audience and to maintain a personality so consumers know you are real and can make them feel more connected to the brand.
Replying to comments on your posts, can create conversation and therefore more awareness of your brand as well as motivating your followers to engage more with your posts.

  1. Promote user-generated content (UGC)

    User-generated content is content created by individual people rather than brands and published to social media. This is highly valuable for social proof and engagement on social accounts as it connects more people to your brand. 

By enhancing the user of UGC this can make your brand more personal and will help in providing authenticity to your brands image. This means your audience will be more likely to trust your brand when they see someone else promoting it.

Not only will it help your brands image but it is also cost-effective, some may do it for free or if an influencer is being used their prices can be considerably cheaper than mainstream ads and can be targeted towards your ideal audiences. 

  1. Utilise Videos

Using video content on social at the moment is key to driving engagement, particularly on Instagram.

Video is “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms” and it was announced that Instagram are focusing on video content. The options are endless with Reel videos, stories, lives and IGTV on Instagram it is now easier and more effective to create and share videos on social than ever!

So how can you use it to your advantage?
For many videos may be out of peoples’ comfort zone, but the tools and variety of videos that you can now create directly on the app makes it so much easier.

Video can capture the audiences attention for longer, videos have a longer life span (they will appear on ‘for you’ pages for much longer) therefore gaining continual engagement compared to images. It is also a personal tool, putting a face to a brand which can help to gain more connections and conversations with your audience!

  1. Track your analytics

    It is important to track which content is the most engaging and at what times you are getting the most traction from your audience. Most social media platforms will have integrated analytic and insight tools to make it easier for you to track your posts. This way you will be able to know if you are targeting the right audience and how your posts are doing over time. 

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