Maddie Cole Branding and Website Set-up

Maddie Cole is a singer in Essex. She wanted to focus on getting more private clients, both for alternative weddings and venues to host her tribute shows, so apporached us to help take her branding and marketing to the next level.

At the consultation, we discussed where her business was and where she wanted it to go. It was clear having a personal brand was reallly important for Maddie and so we set out on a mission to help!

“I had an old, self-built website which didn’t support SSL, an inconsistent brand, no logo and no clues what I was doing with Instagram,” Maddie said.

“Having met Clare at a networking event and been intrigued by her free consultation I popped round to see her and she came up with an affordable way to solve all these problems.”

Maddie explained she was drawn to the personal approach and the understanding that, as a small business, money is a real concern and being able to break the tasks down into manageable affordable chunks was a big plus.

“I now have a consistent brand colour scheme, logo, a routine for posting on Instagram and a shiny new website, which Clare set up so that I could add the content myself, which appealed to my need to retain control and be thrifty with it!

“I am now proud to send my potential clients to my website, rather than slightly embarrassed!

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