Rethink Partners

Rethink Partners is a digital transformation agency for the health and care sector.

It has a real focus on people and rather than focusing on the solution it’s rolling out, it focuses on the people and the impact that that technology is going to have on the end users.

Rethink Partners approached Blue Cactus Digital to undertake a rebrand in order to communicate its values better and to build a new website with the new branding in mind.

What we did as a result:

The project comprised three brands in total: The main Rethink Partners brand, Digital boomers, and Digital Fight Club, which is an initiative to bring together people in the public sector, who are looking to change the way their organisations work.

We started off with initial chats with the client to really get to know them and get to know their mission.

Then we created a branding report, looking at competitors and putting together key elements to creat the visual and voice branding. And after doing this, we produced a competitor analysis and plotted out the user experience and built interactive website mockups using Adobe XD.

When the client was happy with these designs, we then created the website on a staging site with a feedback tool so we could efficiently finesse the . And after undergoing the feedback process we then push the site to live.

Rethink Partners made it clear they needed enhanced support for their marketing strategy, so we put together a social media strategy and now manage its Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels.

Most recently, Rethink Partners has commissioned Blue Cactus Digital to create a three-month project-based marketing strategy, including the relaunch of Digital Fight Club, with webinars, digital tools, an ebook and launching a podcast.


We are now working with Rethink Partners to support them directly with marketing and communications, as well as providing the company’s clients with marketing and comms support, including internal and external PR, design, copywriting and leveraging their position in the health and care tech space with thought leadership.

“Clare instantly had a curiosity about our business: she took the time to understand it, she spent time with us to understand our dreams and aspirations and interpreted that into something that captured us in a very human way.

“I love seeing us through Clare’s eyes: she enables us to be the bolder version of ourselves that we want to communicate. She’s introduced a femininity into our branding that has sparked some great conversations with clients and partners: it seems to be tapping into something more human that connects with people. 

“We love working with Clare. It’s a very transparent process. We co-produce a lot of the early thinking, she’s full of ideas, she constantly informs herself about what’s resonating with people and what tech can work smarter for us. She then goes off and makes things happen. 

“One last thing: Clare is really sensitive to our business demands and also our personal lives. It’s a very supportive dynamic.

irene carson. managing director