Series 1, Episode 5: Lauren Derrett from Wear ‘Em Out

wear em out

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We know all podcasters will tell you, ‘this is an episode not to be missed’, but in this case, it really is true.

Lauren Derrett, Founder and Leader of @wearemoutpads, the reusable period pad brand, talked us through her incredible growth this year. It is so brutally honest and funny, it really is one for any business owner looking for inspiration:

Lauren chatted about:

๐ŸŒตHow long it took from initial idea, how to source suppliers, the importance of strong design, the rounds of product testing and how the product was launched.

๐ŸŒตHow long before the product was ready was a buzz created and pre-orders taken.

๐ŸŒตWhy you need to be brave to invest, especially when you go all-in with your personal savings.

๐ŸŒตHow to outsource the shit you hate and how to track the return on the investment of hiring in the pros.

๐ŸŒตWhy personal connection is so important when growing your business.

๐ŸŒตUnderstanding when saying no in your business is the key to sustainable growth.

We hope you enjoy this episode (link in bio) as much as we enjoyed recording it.

What are your biggest business growth questions?