Series 1, Episode 9: Glen Burrows from The Ethical Butcher

2921 EthicalButcher

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This week’s episode of Bloom by Blue Cactus is with Glen Burrows, Co- Founder of @ethicalbutcher.

With veganism a hot and often polarising topic, we invited Glen to talk to us about the business he founded in response to the poor practices he witnessed in the food industry.

Their #Regenuary movement, now in its second year, picked up even more momentum on social media this January, as an alternative to #veganuary.

You won’t want to miss:

🌡 What was involved in the crowdfunding campaign process?

🌡 What is ‘ethical’ meat?

🌡 Why having an external party define their brand was crucial to their business success

🌡 How launching their separate, complementary business, GROUND @greenredmeat, with very different audiences and branding can help both businesses grow

🌡 How to manage a campaign that suddenly blows up on social media