The Importance of Networking

One of the most common things that we hear from other business owners is how lonely it can be, at times, to run a small business. Although small business ownership has numerous advantages, if you work from home and don’t employ anyone else it can feel a little isolating at times. What a lot of small business owners don’t realise, however, is that most towns have a thriving community of small business owners who get together to network with one another, so we thought we’d put together a list to show how valuable networking can be to small business owners.

Sharing Expertise

The most common reason for networking is to share expertise with other small business owners. Our Marketing Mastery Meetups are a key example of a networking event where not only can you meet other likeminded individuals, you can also pick the brain of Clare, our founder, who’s on-hand to help with your marketing queries. Networking allows you to learn from others, which can bolster your business going forward.

New Clients

It’s a fact that small business owners are more like to shop with other small businesses, as they understand the power of the pound in the small business economy, so going to a networking event is a great way to gain new customers. Other attendees are able to learn about your business, put a face to the name and have the potential to become your ideal client. It’s a rare opportunity to give people an in-depth overview of what you do and convince them to try you out.

Word of Mouth

When people learn about your business at a networking event, there’s a better than average chance that they’ll go away and tell other people about it, too. This kind of organic growth is so valuable to small businesses, especially if your marketing budget isn’t huge as it will spread word of your business through personal recommendations. Remember to take some business cards or flyers with you too, for added impact.

Increase Your Confidence

Having confidence in your products and services is imperative as a small business owner (if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?), and the more time you spend networking and talking about your business, the more confidence you’ll gain. Pushing yourself to make new connections and gain new skills will help you to improve your sales techniques, too.  

Gain Partners

Something that a lot of small business owners find really useful is teaming up with one another for special promotions or services. For example, if you make and sell a skincare product, meeting local salon owners who could use and sell your products could give an invaluable boost to your sales. It’s easy to think of ourselves as an island when it comes to small businesses, but often we’re stronger when we’re linked with other business owners who can help to enhance and support our endeavour.

To learn more about our Marketing Mastery Meetups, follow the link above for more information on dates and how to book.

On the 29th November, we are hosting the Working Women’s Collective’s first meetup in Essex. Book your place here.

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