The importance of storytelling

Celebrate the art of storytelling with us 📖

Do you know the importance of storytelling within marketing?

Every company has a story… right – a way to communicate with consumers about how the brand started, the meanings behind why and how the idea came about. This is why creating a story within a brand proposition at the beginning of your journey is important as it is a way for you, as the business owner, to connect with the business again, regain focus and it is a way for you to connect with consumers! So why should you perfect your storytelling technique within your business…

It’s simple

  1. Adds personality to your brand and content, by portraying the brand values in a human voice and from a human perspective so users can not only relate to the brand but can also set you apart from competition
  2. Using a story will allow your brand to become more human, the relationship between yourself and your audience should develop and strong relationships mean loyal customers.
  1. Stories make your users CARE, about the brand, about the product, about your brand values. 

So we know why it’s beneficial but how can we use storytelling to connect with users?

Social media content

This is a place where you can interact with users on a more personal level, to showcase your brand values but to also tell a story so your audience can relate to you and your brand. But it can also make your brand seem more exciting, leading attention to your brand to motivate audiences. 

Ads (social/ digital/ traditional): 

The whole point of ads is so you can engage with the audience and you do this by telling a story whether it be a TV ad of someone using your product or showcasing the benefits your product/ service can give to someone. It is a way for users to develop deeper understandings of what your brand is about, for your audience to feel connected to the brand in some way. 


Storytelling on your website should be a core element within your design. Essentially as a user is scrolling through your website they are following a journey and walking through their own story. From why or how they landed on your site, to the journey they take including search, menu, interactions and then to the end story (purchase or no purchase), what did they gain from clicking onto your website. Therefore you should use your website as a way to guide users through their story, for example, as soon as they land on your site do they know what you do and who you are as a company? If this isn’t clear enough then you need to rethink your homepage.

One way you can evolve your storytelling technique as a business is to develop your ideal user personas for example, giving them a goal, a pain point, motivations, personality, brands they like and activities. Then base your story within your marketing on what your ideal persona would want to see and hear. This makes for stronger targeting and will make your users care more about the brand and what you’re trying to achieve. Also make sure your story includes some sort of emotion, for example what does your brand want to achieve, what emotion does your brand want to fulfil and make sure you capture these in your story.

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