Whether you’re formally working or not this weekend, it’s a great time to plan your week so you can start the week with a bang.

Believe it or not there is an orderly way of getting more organised.

The three steps to be more productive are:

👉List everything you need to do. Split into three groups: need to get done, should get done, would like to get done. Add in time estimates.

👉Timeblock. Input all of the important things you have to do over the week using a day by day planner. Things like eating, picking kids up, any meetings. Then fill in the gaps starting with the need to dos, then should dos and finally, would like to dos.

👉Be accountable. Stick to what you have written down for each day, don’t get distracted. Join my FREE Accountability Group for a wonderful accountability every day.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve something. Tomorrow is a new day.

Wanna ramp it up a level?

Check out my FREE Get Organised In Your Biz Course that will help you plan your week and your year to be more productive every single day.

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