Unnaaty is a premium comfort and wellness brand, stocking eco-friendly products sourced from inclusive businesses that are founded by, and employ people with disabilities.

Nishtha approached us because she felt she’d lost track of why she started the business and wanted to regain focus and refine the business goals. She was also struggling to get conversions on her Shopify site and so wanted to explore a re-brand and redesign that expressed the brand values better.

What our audit found:

The main issues discovered in our audit was the poor page speed score at just 14% on GTMetrix.

The overall UX was easy to navigate, however the brand voice and mission was missing throughout.

Signing up to the newsletter was tricky, which could easily put a potential consumer off, as well as the initial email coming through more than once.

From the audit we recommended:

  • Developing a brand proposition (defining the brand, updating the logo, messaging and mission)
  • Website rebuild (Changing the Shopify theme and design as this was causing performance issues)
  • SEO (Keyword research and rewriting page copy)
  • Email marketing (setting up email funnels to nurture leads)

What we did as a result:
We created a full brand proposition document, to refine the mission, tone of voice and messaging to allow for the website to be more on-brand. This included adapting the logo, brand colours and focus.

We rebuilt the website via shopify, changing the theme and design to allow for more abilities for an ecommerce website. To go hand in hand with the new website launch we conducted SEO (search engine optimisation) keyword research to assist with organic google ranking, to gain more relevant searches. 

Once we launched the website we set up 3 email funnels, to nurture leads and wrote the copy in keeping with the brand voice and messaging. These included, sign up funnel, abandoned cart and product purchase follow up.

Overall Performance:

  • The Unnaaty re-design has led to a much better aligned brand proposition, that’s more in-line with Nishtha’s mission.
  • A visual rebrand that was implemented by another designer perfectly complements the new brand messaging
  • The website rebrand better reflects the ideal customer’s expectations and the user experience makes it easier for customers to find and purchase a product
  • Traffic up 17% month-on-month
  • Site speed and overall performance performance up from 14% to 85%

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