a great website and seo digital marketing strategy is the most effective way to communicate what you're about

Retargeting those that have shown an interest in your business and closing the deal, whether that’s through making contact for a call or as a sales channel.

If your website and SEO digital marketing tactics are are doing their job, you should have a steady flow of new and returning clients and customers heading to its pages. So if you haven’t, why not?

Blue Cactus Digital is a full-funnel digital marketing agency, meaning we don’t just design and build a website you’ll be proud of, we are offer SEO digital marketing services, making sure your website is ranking in Google too.

A website should be an extension of your brand, a place for your customers and clients to shop, to get in contact, to explore your business.

Our team of web design experts are here to help bring your website visions to life, ensuring we put conversion rate optimisation at the front and centre, including email marketing and SEO.

Whether you have a website already, but it’s not working for you, or you need a totally new website, we can help, allowing you admin access to your website after it’s been built or updated, so you can make changes as and when you need to.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Stage One:

Analyse current email marketing set-up
Analyse current website (if any) and competitor websites for inspiration and understanding of what’s working well and what isn’t

Stage Two:

Design website concepts in Adobe XD for you provide feedback on and to find your style

Stage Three:

We finesse the concepts so you have a complete set of designs food each page

Stage Four:

Complete keyword research for all web pages

Stage Five:

Create the SEO and website copy for all web pages

Stage Six:

Build your website, set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console and LAUNCH!

Stage Seven:

We monitor the rankings and recommend any other channels you should be using to make your website work harder