What is No Code?

No-code projects are exploding in the tech and marketing world right now, but what exactly is no-code, or rather, what does it mean?

No-code is a way for entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their ideas into reality, without an in-depth knowledge of coding. It can be applied to so many different things – website and app builds, software and so much more. Creators become tech superstars without the tech load.

As a web design and marketing agency, we use no-code for building websites. Not because we don’t have the tech know-how, but because it means it’s a whole lot easier for our clients to change and edit their websites themselves and allowing clients to have the keys to their kingdom (ie., total ownership of them) has always been a core part of our existence.

No-code is revolutionising the startup world, making technology more accessible to those who don’t have the time or technical knowledge to use it in the everyday.

And there’s a controversial school of thought that using no-code will put the real tech enthusiasts and engineers out of a job, or that design brought to life without code is a cop out, but that’s not necessarily the case.

A @couriermedia podcast recently put this into perspective. @jmc, founder of @onuniverse was discussing the no-code movement and how its actually facilitating the explosion of startups and that its far from being a bad thing. It’s definitely worth a listen!


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