You’re probably looking at this and thinking “yeah, yeah, I know what a conversion is.”

But what the thing you SHOULD be asking is “what’s the right conversion for my business, right now?”

A conversion is the result of your activity. It’s getting your clients to take an action. That action could be visiting your website, it could be joining your mailing list, booking a consultation or purchasing something from your website.

What the vital thing to think about is what is the right conversion for what I’m trying to achieve.

In a marketing funnel, you will probably have a series of conversions.

The first may be trying to get people to visit your site. If people do and that’s what you’re setting out to achieve, that’s a conversion. The second may be getting signups to your newsletter so you can re-target them in emails (an extremely powerful marketing medium) and the third making a purchase or booking.

There should be a flow of conversion actions across your marketing so the leads become warmer every step of the way and you also learn a lot more about what’s working and what’s not, what you need to refine and what you don’t.

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