When was the last time you asked someone who isn’t your friend or family how they found your website?

Websites are pretty subjective. You probably like them, otherwise you’d change them, but actually, there are probably a few reasons why they’re not converting.

If you’re driving a lot of traffic through to your site, but they’re not buying or signing up, it may be time to have a little pep up.

👉 They’re tricky to navigate. People can’t fins what they’re looking for or something is broken.

👉 The copy isn’t compelling to attract your ideal client. Eeeeek. If your ideal client can’t identify with what you’re saying or selling, why would they buy?

👉 It doesn’t work on mobile. This is a biggie. The majority of people are now using mobile to browse and shop online. If they can’t use your site on mobile, they ain’t gonna buy.

👉 It’s sloooooow. People are busy. Slow loading websites are FRUSTRATING, so people will just bounce off.

👉 People don’t like your postage options. Soz, but some people just won’t pay postage. Either bundle the costs into your products and offer free postage or consider taking the hit for a promotional period to see if it improves conversions.

👉 Checkout is too complicated. Don’t ask for data you don’t need and if you can, simplify it to be on one page.


Want me to have a look at your website and work out why people aren’t converting?

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