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The people and culture agency

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organisational change

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Blue Cactus Digital is a people and culture agency, specialising in health and social care marketing, to help public and private sector organisations communicate people power and culture change.

We deploy sector-specific insights with business-to-consumer (B2C) storytelling to engage, inspire and motivate your business-to-business (B2B) audiences.

Our team of marketing creators will use their industry knowledge to turn your marketing ideas into communication machines, so you can sit back and focus on product/service development, while your communities thrive.

Understanding your mission

We specialise in working with organisations that put people at the heart of operations. Want to be the change? We get it. We’ll help.

We dive deep into your world, getting to know your organisation from the inside out and using our automation methods to help support and sustain your mission.

Our experience with disruptors and challenger brands encompasses public, private and third sectors. When it comes to driving improvements we know our onions.

Adding unexpected value

We’ve a proven track record of translating our clients’ ambitions into intuitive digital platforms and proactive campaigns that attract higher engagement and secure key stakeholder buy-in.

We transform complex concepts, messaging and insights into memorable, engaging and actionable digital resources, from podcasts to playbooks and blogs to TikToks, building a community of champions, both internally and externally.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and impatience for change drives real action, synching diverse elements of your organisation and building new capacity.

Walking the walk

Our long-standing clients come from the fields of social care, health and law, each pushing for change. We’re proud to have helped them make a real difference.

We are a Living Wage employer, offering flexible working and reward incentives to our creatives, and 2% of our annual turnover is re-invested into employee training.

We uphold the Clean Creatives pledge to refuse future contracts with organisations driving use of fossil fuels.

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