Bolt Burdon Kemp

Bolt Burdon Kemp is a law firm that specialises in acting for those who have suffered serious injury as a result of negligence, harassment and abuse. Bolt Burdon Kemp was seeking a digital marketing agency to increase its visibility as a thought leader and gain support for its human interest campaigns.

what we do for bolt burdon kemp

Social Media Managment

The Military Group acts exclusively for members of the British Armed Forces, veterans and its families and has clients nationwide. Bolt Burdon Kemp were seeking assistance with copywriting for the head of the firm’s Military Group’s social media accounts, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Blue Cactus held many meetings with the head of the Military Group to gauge his stance on topics it’s likely we would discuss within his social media copy. This was important to give authenticity and understand how he would approach certain subject matters.

We also conducted a lot of research into different areas of military law, and different areas of claims that the military team face on a daily basis. This was imperative to ensure the content we were producing for his social media was factually correct. 

We have now been creating consistent copy for him to review and approve, which is getting constant reach and engagement within the military community. 

Social Media Advertising

Bolt Burdon Kemp also approached us to create a social media ad campaign for a Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) survey it is currently conducting. The purpose of the campaign was to drive traffic to a landing page, and encourage people to complete the survey. 

Blue Cactus created a top of funnel campaign, and included 3 ad graphics to be used. Due to the nature of the survey, we could not directly target those with spinal injuries. Therefore we had to think outside the box, and target those who have interests in Clinical trials, Muscular Development, Pilates, Spinal, Medical research, Strength training, Strength & Health or Physio Pilates.

We’re pleased to say that one of the ads achieved a CTR of 12.57% within the first month of the campaign going live, driving 2,547 people to the landing page. 

This advertising campaign led on from another successful campaign to promote the danger of using electric scooters in public places.


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