Make Music Day is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting music through free-to-participate events on 21 June. They approached Blue Cactus Digital with the challenge of enhancing its online presence. The primary goals were to streamline event submissions, implement a robust booking system, and improve data collection and reporting. Additionally, the client was in need of a website facelift, branding consistency, and a robust email marketing strategy.

The challenges faced:

★ Inefficient processes and infrastructure.
★ Lack of a robust booking system.
★ Limited data collection and reporting capabilities.
★ Significant development and coding needed for the website.
★ Outdated website design not aligned with Make Music Day’s branding.
★ There was also the need for an effective email marketing strategy.

What we DID For Make Music Day:

★ Streamlined Event Submission Process:
Blue Cactus Digital created a user-friendly online form for event submissions. This form included all necessary fields, making it easy for users to provide essential details about their events.

★ Robust Booking System:
A custom booking system was developed, allowing users to register for events seamlessly. Registrants received subject-specific confirmation emails to enhance their experience.

★ Measurable Data Collection:
Blue Cactus Digital implemented a data collection system that not only collected relevant event data but also made it exportable. This allowed Make Music Day to present results to its Board of Trustees and funding organisations effectively.

★ Website Facelift:
The agency redesigned the website, giving it a fresh look while keeping it in line with Make Music Day’s branding guidelines.

★ Email Marketing Strategy:
An email marketing strategy was developed to engage the audience effectively. This strategy included regular newsletters, effective segmentation, and updates to keep the community informed.

★ Content Management:
Content was updated twice a year to coincide with the event submission cycles in January and June. This ensured that the website remained up-to-date and relevant.


★ Make Music Day now has a streamlined event submission process that encourages participation.

★ The custom booking system ensures a smoother registration process for attendees.

★ Measurable data is collected and exportable, aiding in funding presentations.

★ The refreshed website aligns with the organisation”s branding and provides a better user experience.

★ The email marketing strategy helps keep the community engaged and informed.


Blue Cactus Digital’s partnership with Make Music Day has resulted in a more efficient and user-friendly online platform. The agency’s solutions have enhanced the organisation’s ability to provide a user-friendly platform for event submissions, collect and analyse data, connect with its audience, and promote the joy of music on a broader scale.