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Organically Epic is an eco dental brand, producing bamboo toothbrushes, steel tongue cleaners, vegan dental floss and a whole lot more.

What we did:

We started working with Organically Epic three years ago, when we were commissioned to initially audit the website and set up the essential email marketing campaigns every e-comm brand should be running. 

We then set up Google Ads campaigns and Facebook ad campaigns for its product lineup.

In 2020, Organically Epic outgrew its existing website and so Blue Cactus was onboarded to move the website to a more robust WordPress installation.

To support the brand’s product launches, including the UK’s first bamboo electric toothbrush, we launched social media ads campaigns for pre-orders and the launch, are responsible for all product photography and producing video content for social media, and manage Organically Epic’s Google Ads campaigns.

Overall Performance:

The campaign is achieving a ROAS (return on ad spend) of around six times with a click through rate of 10% on middle of funnel ads and 3% on top of funnel ads. The website’s conversion rate is an average of 8%.

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