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Rethink Partners is a digital transformation consultancy that works with councils, NHS trusts and other public sector bodies to deliver more people-centred services that also happen to save money and reduce workloads.

As a small team wanting to make a big difference to the way public services are delivered, Rethink Partners needed help to execute its strategy, amplify its insights, support its collaborations, and ultimately reduce pressures on its directors.

What we DID For Rethink Partners:

To support Rethink Partners’ strategy, we prepare and design presentations for the organisation to use for internal and external communications. We also design contract tenders for the organisation to use as part of its business development strategy.

Being heavily involved with the Rethink Partners design means we are able to create on-brand infographics detailing all the necessary information for Rethink Partners can share.

Our strategy also includes designing reports for Rethink Partners to share with councils the consultancy is working with. 

We have also been liaising with a disability specialist on easy-read product guides, to ensure that the information displayed is easy for everyone to digest.

A key part of our relationship with Rethink Partners is also handling clients’ project messaging. We create and implement internal comms for Rethink, and external comms plans for council partners.

To build influence, we designed and implemented a branding refresh for Rethink Partners, which also included redesigning and rebuilding its website. 

We also manage its social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn company pages. Our social media management also includes the director’s LinkedIn account.

With us being heavily involved in the Rethink Partner’s messaging, we can effectively write blogs and create podcasts to help build up its content.

Our external comms services include writing award entries, which we’ve so far managed to achieve an 80% success rate with.

Other external comms include executing the PR strategy, which involves creating press releases for Rethink Partners and its partners and clients.


We are now working with Rethink Partners to support them directly with marketing and communications, as well as providing the company’s clients with marketing and comms support, including internal and external PR, design, copywriting and leveraging their position in the health and care tech space with thought leadership.

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