The importance of video content marketing

Video content marketing – does your company use it?

We live in a fast-paced society, and many of us have little spare time, and the attention span – especially for news and marketing – of a goldfish.

Since television was born and the ‘TV advert’ was created, as an audience we are used to watching videos and short films that are selling us something. But technology has allowed us to shift from three minute adverts in between Coronation Street, to multiple fast-flowing short videos, marketing and selling us something through our computers, smartphones and mobile devices on platforms such as website blogs, SnapChat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  And let’s face it, smartphones have taken over the world, so video content marketing is basically everywhere.

Here’s a few statistics for you:

  • 80% of Internet traffic by the end of 2019, is predicted to be video
  • YouTube, the number one social media site for video viewing, has 1 billion users – almost a third of the total of those using the Internet
  • Over on Facebook, more 100 million hours of videos are watched daily

They are some impressive statistics, and it’s easy to see why people sometimes prefer to watch video content marketing over text and still images.

With subtitles on a lot of videos now, it means the audience can watch them on the commute home, standing in a queue, or even in a boring meeting, without anyone knowing or being distracted. The audience can understand the video without having to listen. Videos are generally more impactful, short and snappy – so keep the audience’s attention – and easier to share with others.

This is why video content marketing is so vital for businesses. They are a great way to be more direct with the audience, get creative with marketing ideas, and bring the brand to life. There are so many opportunities to market the brand when you have the option of moving pictures.

Your business will most likely see an increase in engagement (statistics show a 1200% increase in shares of videos over text), and conversion rates (landing page conversion can rise by 80% if a video is present.) And as the brain will retain more from a video than a text advert for example, it’s almost a definite that the viewer will remember your brand and business through video content marketing. Also as the videos are shared more and more, the reliability of your brand and business will increase.

Video content marketing really is important for any business today as part of its marketing campaign. It can help with blogging too, and giving blogs more personality. Just remember to ensure the videos are optimised for social use, and follow the guidelines on each platform. One last thing to remember is that videos up to two minutes long get more engagement. Good luck and happy videoing.

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