What is Organisational Culture Change and what benefits does it bring?

Culture change refers to the process of modifying or transforming the shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviours, and social norms of a group or organisation. It involves shifting the prevailing attitudes and practices within a community, institution, or society to reflect new ideas, goals, or standards. Culture change can occur in response to a variety of […]

How to get stakeholder buy in

Stakeholder buy-in is essential to the success of any project or initiative. When stakeholders are involved in the running of a project, they are more likely to contribute resources, provide guidance, or share the initiative with others. Stakeholders bring a range of perspectives and expertise to the table. When stakeholders are bought into an initiative, […]

The Story Of Confident Tiger – A Brand Before Product Story

As a digital marketing professional, I know the power of brand. Research tells us that consumers are increasingly considering brand values and reputation in their buying decisions. The growth of online retail and social media also means more opportunities to communicate with potential customers. Without a doubt, brand is a big priority but, is it […]

What is No Code?

No-code projects are exploding in the tech and marketing world right now, but what exactly is no-code, or rather, what does it mean? No-code is a way for entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their ideas into reality, without an in-depth knowledge of coding. It can be applied to so many different things – website and […]

How to handle online customer reviews

Today, running a small business is as competitive as ever. Online customer reviews – they’re important You only have to check Google to see how many options there can be for one product or service. That’s why online customer reviews and recommendations have become so important. People want quick and easy decisions; whether it’s deciding […]

5 Ways To Stay Accountable For Your Business Goals

Any marketer worth their salt will tell you that, as a small business owner, a solid business plan is more or less essential. There are people out there who manage to wing it and still make a success of their venture, but they’re few and far between, and having a structured idea of what you […]