Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet’s founder wanted to boost conversion rates and prevent subscription cancellations to keep consumers for longer, increasing their lifetime value and promoting the ethical and eco values of the brand.

What our audit found:

  • There was no confirmation for the newsletter sign up, so consumers may be confused and not immediately influenced to purchase.
  • The overall load time of the website is quite slow and isn’t currently set up for conversions from a usability perspective this needs to be changed.
  • Email funnels could be more automated to keep consumers interested and nurtured.
  • There was no lead magnet/signup offer to encourage people to sign up to a subscription.

From the audit we suggested:

  • A website update with an easier to manage theme and page builder (also improving site speed significantly)and SEO keyword searchΒ 
  • Email marketing strategy to nurture leads signing up to hear more or a subscription trial
  • Social media ads setup to push people to the website and raise awareness of the cost savings and eco values of the brand

What we did as a result:

We redesigned the website to focus on conversions, promoting the subscription aspect rather than one-off buys. We also made the usability aspect easier to navigate and read with simpler explanations. As part of the redesign, we completed SEO research and adapted the web copy and metadata to help boost the overall page ranking.

To help nurture consumers we created automated email funnels (abandoned cart, general sign up, purchase follow up and discount code), to keep consumers interested and updated.

Once the website was live we could start promoting on Facebook, setting up TOF, MOF and BOF, then identifying which group gains the highest conversion rate and analysing CTR, ROAS etc.Β 

Overall Performance:

Since the ads have been up and running there has been a notable increase in conversion rate, with a higher overall CTR rate than average brands in a similar sector. Over the Black Friday weekend, the company reported the best sales it has ever recorded, with a 300% increase.

In month 1 of working with Iron & Velvet, we achieved:

  • Net 65 additional subscriptions
  • Average customer spend increase of 12% per order
  • CTR of 8% on social media ads

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