Small Business Marketing Strategy

// your strategy means more to your bottom line than your products.

A marketing strategy is the foundation of your entire your business. You may have an amazing product, but if you don’t know WHO you’re selling to or HOW to sell to them, how will they ever know about you?

Determining WHO your ideal clients and customers are, what’s important to them and how they make purchasing decisions is key to your business success.

We help you determine who you’re talking to and develop a strategy to reach them on the platforms that matter to THEM, through an in-depth, highly targeted marketing strategy.

// our approach

So, how do we find your customers and clients and how do we reach them? We break your business down into chunks. We analyse your messaging, your values, ethics and find people who align with them.

We will look deeply into what makes them smile and what doesn’t.

We’ll then produce a step-by-step strategy to reach them, engage with them and convert them so they love you as much as you love you.