Should you pay for social media advertising?

Whilst it’s safe to say that the majority of businesses these days have an element of social media output in their digital communications strategy, is it as straightforward as it seems to set up a paid campaign? And does it provide the right kind of ROI? The truth is, it’s really just trial and error.

Five brands that do blogging the right way.

There are two ways that brands use blogs and social media. The first way is, for want of a better word, cynical. They are companies that sporadically post content – usually only when they have a new line or product to promote – and rarely reach out to their consumer-base, save for the occasional dry […]

Marketing Competitive Analysis: Forget About Data Crunching

When did you last like, retweet or comment on one of your competitors’ social posts? How many of your competitors have you sent a LinkedIn request? What was the last post published on your rival’s company blog? How do you KNOW your competitors are really your competitors?