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Owning your own business is HAAAAARD. You have up days and down days. But the one thing you need to have is PATIENCE.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’m running a lot of ads for people at the moment. Some Facebook Ads, some Google Ads.

I’m not a very patient person. I can see people interacting and moving down the funnel I’ve created, but I’m having a wobble, because I want sales NOW – for me and my clients. And the one thing I’ve learnt is it takes time to build loyalty and to up your budget to get a return.

I know you need to invest (ideally around £20 a day, minimum) to see returns of 3-4x. But I’m feeling a little risk-averse right now. Probably because money is a touchy subject when so many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, including my two businesses.

I’ve got that fight or flight mentality – one day is fight, the next day is flight and I want someone else to do it all for me. But what I need is patience.

The more you spend, yep, the more you’ll get back. But I feel my finger hovering above that “increase budget” button.

Take a deep breath. Do it. Then wait. Sit on your hands. Switch off access to your Ads Manager for a few days and then come back and reassess (or watch the sales start coming in, then you have permission to look).

Seriously – even us experts have a wobble sometimes. Even those that have been doing it for years are unsure of themselves. But making that move is the biggest and best thing you can do to overcome your fear.

Now I’ve set the ads up to a level I’m happy with, I’m going to avoid looking at my ads for a few days. It’s not good for my health! Oh, but that temptation!

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