Email Marketing – How To Structure A Killer Email

Email marketing is one of the most direct ways to address your current and potential clients, especially if you’ve got a long list of opted-in email subscribers to promote to. However, sending an email and getting it to really hit the mark are two different things, and there’s nothing worse than spending hours creating a mass email campaign which you’re convinced will convert to sales, only for it to act more like digital tumble-weed.

With this in mind, we thought we’d share a few top tips for constructing a killer email which is more likely to get your clients and customers spending their money.

Segment Your Email List

A one-size-fits-all email will work for some businesses, but it’s worth identifying the key differences between who you’re emailing and why they came to you in the first place. If you have data which tells you this, segmenting your email list and creating more targeted emails for each group of clients is much more likely to end in a sale – people are far more responsive to the personal touch, rather than feeling like the proverbial thumb tack beneath your sledgehammer of an email!

Add a Call to Action

Anyone who knows marketing will tell you that a call to action within a sales email is probably one of the most important elements of the whole email. Calls to action will be hyperlinked images or lines of text with wording like “shop now”, “click here for your discount” or other phrases designed to entice the shopper to your site. Whether a brand is sending out a newsletter, thanking a user for a purchase, or reminding a consumer about their full cart, an email should include at least one CTA to spur some kind of interactivity.

Keep it Concise

No one wants to read an email from a company that is too long – in fact, studies have shown that emails with too many words are off-putting to consumers and are more likely to make them delete the message without doing anything else with it. Writing out what you want to say and then going back and removing as many unnecessary words or sentences is a good way to help you to keep things short and sweet while staying on-message.

Think About Design

If you’re designed your sales emails yourself instead of paying a designer, you’ll need to make sure you think about several different things – what fonts will you use? What images? How will you space the page? Emails which have too many different fonts, colours and text sizes can end up looking almost unreadable, so the aesthetic really does matter as much as the content in many cases.

Remember P.A.S.

P.A.S. stands for “Problem, Agitation, Solution” and is a simple formula which means identifying your customer’s problem, empathising with why this is an agitation and offering a solution. Our example would be:

“Worrying about Instagram engagement going down? This can affect your social media strategy and have an impact on your sales. Sign up for our Instagram Challenge to improve your posts and get more engagement” – problem, agitation, solution!

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