Five Social Media Services You Might Want To Use For Your Business

When it comes to marketing a small business, most of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon and have a variety of accounts across several platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular places for businesses to promote themselves, with Twitter coming a close second. However, there are a few lesser-used services that many business neglect, which could be costing them dearly in terms of sales. Today, we’re looking at five under-utilised social media services which you should be using for your business:


If your primary market is Generation Z, using Snapchat is an absolute must – 71% of Gen Z use Snapchat and 51% use Snapchat at least 11 times daily. Adding daily to your snapchat story could hugely increase your brand visibility and using features such as sponsored geofilters and lenses will give customers a way to engage with your brand. Many users also use the app’s messaging feature, so be sure to answer any messages that come your way. The same goes for returning photo snaps.


Pinterest may seem like a place for scrapbooking and not much else, but it’s actually a huge boost for SEO if you use it correctly. It’s estimated that 68% of women between the age of 25 and 54 use Pinterest, so getting your images and links onto their boards could really increase your website’s visibility within Google. Organic shares are great for business. It’s also really easy to add ‘Pin’ buttons directly onto your website, giving you an even deeper level of integration and an easy way for customers to share your content.

Facebook Messenger

Lots of business have a Facebook page, but not all of them utilise messenger to its fullest potential. According to Facebook’s own stats, 61% of people in the UK have messaged a business in the past three months and 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Messenger also offers lots of add-on features such as giving people a way to book appointments with a business.


Reddit is one of those websites which can seem a little impenetrable if you aren’t used to the format, but in the most simple terms, it’s a series of forums which are all topic-specific. Reddit is, in fact, a huge resource for small businesses, allowing you to run ads, promote deals, provide customer support, talk about your business and  even keep an eye on trends and customer wants and needs.


YouTube isn’t just for the likes of kids and toy reviews; YouTube is one of the biggest, most popular websites in the world, which is what makes it an incredibly powerful marketing tool. The content you create could be anything from product guides to how-to instructional videos, even just a quick ‘meet the team’. This content can then be shared across your other social media channels, giving you something to offer your customers in terms of added value.

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