Overwhelm. It gets us all at some point and can totally knock your confidence, make you feel anxious about your business and maybe even want to quit.
The first stage is to identify your triggers.
One thing that is triggering for me is all the ads I’m being served. Marketing experts telling me to do this, do that. It’s actually why I turned my own ads off for a bit because I felt I should be doing the same.
Comparison is also a trigger. People who appear to be doing so much better than me, when I know I’m smashing it, just in a different way.
Here are some tips to overcome the overwhelm.
☑️ STOP. Overwhelm is worse when you’re tired. Take a break for a few hours, a day, a week. However long you need.
☑️ LIST. Write a list of everything in your head. All the things you think you need to do. Get them on paper so you can see them.
☑️ PICK. Choose one thing from the list to do. Only one thing. Ignore the rest. It could be something you enjoy doing most or something you feel is the biggest pressure.
☑️ NOTICE. Notice how you feel when you achieve that one thing. Do you feel like it’s a big weight off your mind? Or that you could have done more?
☑️ REPEAT. Take one hour, one morning or one afternoon, one day at a time. Do only the things that are necessary and avoid your triggers, even for the short term.

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