Seven UK companies with great company cultures

It’s no secret that a happy workplace is a successful workplace. When you work for a company who have great employee benefits, management who listen, and a team you get along with, you’re more likely to enjoy your job and do it well.

We’re so pleased that there are lots of companies out there who are championing this theory, and reaping the rewards.

Let’s take a look at some of those companies.

The Body Shop

A cosmetic brand that has always been committed to ethical and sustainable practices. When you go into a store you’re likely to come across an employee that’s well educated on the products, and gives great recommendations to suit individuals. That’s because the training they get on the products gives them all the tools to effectively do their job. Did you know that the company also encourages it’s employees to take part in voluntary work and community projects.

Innocent Drinks

The well-known beverage company that is incredibly witty and likeable with their brand messaging and packaging. Look at the bottom of a bottle. They have a relaxed and friendly work environment, with activities like ping-pong and yoga available to employees.


The media and telecommunications company that places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. They have a variety of employee resource groups that support different communities, and they offer flexible working arrangements to help employees balance their work and personal lives. The definition of an employee who doesn’t go by ‘one size fits all’.


A healthcare company that has a strong culture focusing on caring and support, not only for their patients, but also their employees. They offer a variety of employee wellness programs for all to use, including mental health resources and fitness classes. They also have a strong focus on work-life balance, making sure their employees are making time for things they enjoy outside of work.

Red Gate Software

They are a software development company that has been recognised for its innovative culture. They offer a range of employee benefits, including flexible working hours, free breakfast (yum), and a dedicated “learning zone” for professional development. Would you enjoy going to work, grabbing a free croissant and given the space to improve your knowledge for your work?


The digital bank that has a culture of transparency and innovation at the forefront of what they do. They offer flexible working arrangements, and they have a range of employee resource groups to support diversity and inclusion.

John Lewis Partnership

The huge retail company that has a unique ownership structure. Did you know that all employees are partners in the business? They have a strong focus on employee wellbeing and development, with programs to support mental health and career progression. Would you care more for your work knowing that you’re a partner of the company?

These are only just a few examples of UK companies with great company cultures. Did yours make the list? We encourage you to do your researching on which companies in your industry are doing well, and maybe not so well, to find one that aligns with your values and priorities.

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