What’s the difference between external and internal comms?

In a nutshell, internal communications refer to messages, information, and conversations that happen within your organisation. External communications refer to those that happen with individuals outside of your organisation. It really is that simple. 

Internal Communications

Internal communications involve interactions with employees, management, and colleagues inside the company walls (so-to-speak). But what other methods of internal communication could you expect to find? A lot of companies decide to distribute company emails and newsletters full of the latest company news. More conventional ways of internal comms is meetings. The goal of internal comms is to keep everyone informed, engaged, and aligned with the company’s mission and goals.

External Communications

External communications, on the other hand, involve interactions with outside parties, such as current or potential customers, investors, suppliers, and the media. These communications aim to attract, engage and retain customers, build brand awareness and reputation, and promote the company’s products or services. Think social media posts, press release articles, and maybe website blogs like this. How do you connect with your favourite brands?

Simply put, internal communications are focused on creating a cohesive team that understands the company’s mission, while external communications revolve around building relationships with customers and other stakeholders to help achieve that mission.

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